23 Best Pieces of Fitness Equipment in 2024, According to Trainers

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Every accessory and machine at the gym provides functional goodness for your body. However, not all fitness equipment is created equal. It’s always useful to have some tried-and-true recommendations for the top workout items you shouldn’t exercise without. That’s why we reached out to certified personal trainers who share the essential pieces of fitness equipment to shop for right now on Amazon.

From a folding treadmill that can fit into essentially any size living space to an adjustable dumbbell set to a weighted vest, we have your workout needs covered. Keep reading to learn what trainers recommend for your top fitness must-haves.

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EVERYMATE Change Weight Plates


Having weight plates in a variety of sizes on deck is super practical but sometimes overlooked for more extravagant items.

“Most gyms—home or otherwise—don’t have 1.25-pound weight plates. The smallest plates at most gyms are 2.5 pounds, which are twice as heavy. This can really hinder the progress intermediate to advanced lifters make. They allow for micro-adjustments in the weight you lift,” explains Domenic Angelino, CSCS, CPT from Trainer Academy. “Having access to 1.25-pound plates makes progress both quicker and more linear. It also helps you break through plateaus much more quickly.”

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LEADNOVO Adjustable Dumbbells Set

adjustable dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are an absolute must, as they enable you to seamlessly modify the weight you’re working with.

“[Adjustable dumbbells permit you to] change up the load you’re using to match the needs of the exercise you plan to do next … [and] increase the weight you use as you get stronger,” Angelino tells us. “I like this adjustable dumbbell set in particular because it goes up to 88 pounds, which is uncommon but very important … Having access to dumbbells this heavy makes it a more solid long-term investment than the typical adjustable dumbbell out there.”

Vinsguir Ab Roller Wheel

ab wheel

An ab roller is the way to go when it comes to successfully training your abdominal muscles.

Angelino shares, “Most exercises that target your abs do so by either engaging them through a full range of motion or forcing them to stabilize your body when it’s in an unstable position. The ab roller does both simultaneously, which is why it’s so effective … This particular version of the product is able to withstand 440 pounds, which makes it more reliable than many others on the market.”

CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest

weighted vest

A barbell adjustable weighted vest is an essential addition to your home fitness needs. According to Angelino, a weighted vest can help you burn more calories and place a greater amount of stress on your muscles. This can boost the size, strength, and endurance of the muscles used.

“The nice thing about a weighted vest is that it evenly distributes weight across your body, which makes it very effective when compared to alternatives. It also makes it more sustainable to use if you aim to pair it with an activity like walking or running,” says Angelino. “This weighted vest, in particular, distributes its weight very well and is highly adjustable. It also has plenty of weight options for you to purchase to best match your personal needs.”

Fat Gripz Pro

fat gripz

If you haven’t used a Fat Gripz before, now’s the time to start doing so. For a very small price that yields a great reward, you’ll have a useful gadget to place on the item you’re gripping when lifting weights, such as a set of dumbbells or a barbell.

“Fat Gripz make it harder for you to hold onto whatever they’re attached to, which forces your forearm muscles to get more involved in the exercise,” Angelino tells us. “This will help your forearms grow very quickly. Even if muscle growth isn’t your thing, it will improve your grip strength, which can translate to improved sports performance.”

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Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

foldable treadmill

If you’re tight for space, a folding treadmill is a must-have. You’ll be able to get a solid cardio workout in at home and store it when not in use.

“This is a great treadmill that conveniently fits under your desk and you can bring it out whenever you need,” explains Jordan Fernandez, CSCS, CPT from Trainer Academy. “Easy storage and an affordable price point make this pick a no-brainer if you are looking for at-home cardio options.”

YYFITT 3-In-1 Folding Exercise Bike

foldable workout bike

This exercise bike is another piece of workout equipment that’ll be put to good use, and it’s seamless to use then pack away and store. This model features a comfortable seat to help reduce any pain during your ride, an adjustable backrest height, and two strong arm resistance bands to involve your upper body in every workout.

“Stationary bikes are an exceptional low-impact cardio modality,” says Fernandez. “The YYFITT 3-In-1 Folding Exercise Bike is a great way to take advantage of the benefits of stationary biking on a reasonable budget without a ton of room for storage.”

TechStone Resistance Bands Set

resistance bands

Having great resistance bands at your fingertips is a stellar way to take your strength workouts up a notch. This particular set from TechStone comes with five bands for different intensity levels.

“Once relegated to physical therapy offices, resistance bands have become a staple of commercial and home gyms alike. They are great for getting a good pump and targeting stabilizer muscles,” Fernandez points out. “With the TechStone Resistance Bands Set, you have everything you need to get going with resistance bands for under $12 USD.”

Fitsok CF2 Cushion Quarter Cut Sock

performance socks

If you haven’t found the right pair of sweat-wicking socks for your runs and workouts, take a tip from Glen Kelly, a New York City-based personal trainer and marathon coach.

“I can confidently say that Fitsok is the only pair of socks I have found that has consistently kept my feet dry at the end of runs, workouts, or just day-to-day moving around,” says Kelly. “I was in search of quality socks to keep my feet dry as I work to avoid athlete’s foot, and after much trial and error, Fitsok is leaps and bounds the best suited for the job. My Amazon search history confirmed I have purchased their three-pack time and time again.”

Osprey Duro 6L Men’s Running Hydration Vest

hydration vest

This hydration vest will seriously come in handy when you head out on long runs, hikes, walks, or marathon training.

“After a little trial and error, I was thrilled to find the Osprey Duro Hydration vest,” says Kelly. “The fit was very snug and secure, and it did not jostle around too much, even when full with water and items in the nicely designed pockets. I feel confident that my miles will not be disrupted by discomfort while wearing the Osprey Hydration vest.”

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Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block (Set Of 2)

yoga blocks

If you enjoy meditation, Pilates, or yoga, these no-slip foam yoga blocks from Gaiam are must-haves.

“I love including yoga blocks in my sculpt, yoga, and fascia flows, and these are the absolute best since they are made from foam, which makes them comfortable to use,” explains Jacquie Smith, a certified pre/postnatal trainer, yogi, and integrative nutrition health coach. “I highly recommend yoga blocks, especially for pre/postnatal yoga and fascia flows.”

Liforme Original Yoga Mat

yoga mat

Another staple for yogis and fitness enthusiasts alike is Liforme’s Original Yoga Mat. It’s also non-slip and sweat-resistant for more vigorous workouts.

“If you want a quality, long-lasting yoga mat—this is it! The best part? You don’t need a grippy mat if you use it for hot yoga because it’s that good,” says Smith.

ProBody Pilates Ball

Pilates ball

Is a home workout set-up even complete without an exercise ball? This small Pilates ball from ProBody is a useful tool to boost your core strength, posture, and more.

“This is an affordable Pilates ball that can be used for more pilates style workouts and restorative release,” Smith tells us. “I love the size as it can also fit behind the knee easily and elevate any workout.”

Adjustable FLYBIRD Weight Bench

workout bench

This foldable weight-training bench is very space-friendly, and Jarrod Nobbe, MA, CSCS, actually dubs it a “complement for the fitness fanatic’s home gym.” At a reasonable price point, this piece is essential for your strength training needs.

“I like the width of the bench, which provides sturdy support, and the easy-adjusting pins make the incline adjustments a breeze,” says Nobbe. “For only $150, you can add an arsenal of movements to your at-home workouts for your upper and even lower body (step-ups, Bulgarian split squats, etc.)”

321 STRONG Foam Roller

foam roller

Rolling out your muscles is a key part of any well-rounded fitness regimen. The 321 STRONG Foam Roller is trainer-approved and has the denseness you need “to get the job done,” according to Nobbe.

“I encourage clients and athletes to select a foam roller that has knobs, which are phenomenal for smoothing trigger points and releasing those tough-to-get areas—shoutout your upper back,” Nobbe points out.

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Hyperice Hypervolt 2

massage gun

Rest and recovery days are just as important as working out. That’s where this massage gun comes in handy.

“Recovery is all the craze these days. If you haven’t used a massage gun before, you need to,” Nobbe stresses. “This is one of the best tools for loosening tight muscles and helping diminish soreness. I carry my Hypervolt with me everywhere I go—and they’re TSA-approved!”

TRX All-in-One Suspension Training System

TRX straps

This suspension training system has so many uses and is beneficial for a ton of fitness goals, including melting fat, increasing strength, boosting your cardio endurance, and building muscle. Plus, you can use it at home, outdoors, and when traveling.

“[The TRX All-in-One Suspension Training System is] another formidable piece of equipment for the home gym,” Nobbe says. “TRX suspension trainers allow full-body workouts for all levels, anywhere, anytime. Rows, pushups, squats, lunges, hamstring curls, you name it, the TRX can do it.”

Perform Better Professional Light Exercise Mini XL Band (10 Pack)

resistance bands

This set of Perform Better mini-bands is another stellar option for resistance bands—and it’s backed by two of our trainers.

“Every facility I’ve coached at relied on performing better mini bands for warm-ups and workouts,” says Nobbe. “Personally, I have a few sets of these that have lasted over a decade with daily use. They’re great for tossing in your bag when traveling or adding a dynamic level to your workouts.”

Anthony J. Yeung, CSCS, the founder of Groom Builder, recommends opting for these bands as well. “The great thing about mini-bands is that they are very versatile and can help with warm-ups or specific strengthening drills, yet they’re incredibly light and take up virtually no space,” he says. “Keep a few in your gym bag or suitcase so you can always do a mini workout or target specific muscles in your body.”

Champion Sports Orange Lacrosse Balls

lacrosse balls

Every home gym should have a good set of lacrosse balls, and this set of two from Champion Sports fits the bill.

“Lacrosse balls are a great addition to your fitness arsenal because they help you improve the quality of your muscles, not just the quantity,” explains Yeung. As you train, you could use these balls for self-massages [to] relieve knots or trigger points [and] maintain healthy muscles and proper mobility.”

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

heart rate chest strap

You can wear Polar’s heart rate monitor when running, walking, rowing, and even swimming to stay on top of your stats. In fact, if you want to take your workouts up a notch, Yeung says a heart rate monitor is key.

“By using a Bluetooth chest strap, you can sync it to your phone or smart watch and make sure that you’re training at the right intensity and the right amount of time for the best results possible,” he says.

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Ally Peaks Pull Up Bar for Doorway

pull-up bar

Upgrade your upper-body and core workouts with this pull-up bar from Ally Peaks, which comes complete with two resistance bands.

“No home workout set is complete without a door frame pull-up bar,” stresses Tyler Read, BSc, CPT, the founder of PTPioneer.com. “With the Ally Peaks Pull Up Bar for Doorway, you get the complete ability to train your back and biceps from your own home at an incredibly affordable price point.”

Prorobust Punching Bag

punching bag set with gloves

If you’re a kickboxing enthusiast, complete your at-home gym set-up with this punching bag from Prorobust. You’ll also get a full set of boxing accessories with your purchase, including boxing gloves, three reflex balls, a jump rope, boxing hand wraps, and more.

“Whether you are training for a fight or just looking for an amazing cardio workout, punching bags are a great home workout option,” Read points out. “With the Prorobust Punching Bag, you have everything you need for the perfect martial arts training setup. Just hang the bag and get to punching!”

Yes4All Slam Ball

medicine ball

Gear up for an excellent total-body workout with the Yes4All Slam Ball at your side.

“The Yes4All Slam Ball is great because it allows you to perform standard medicine ball exercises like Russian twists and overhead tosses, but also allows explosive slams and wall ball exercises,” says Read. “You can pick one of these up for under $40 and have a versatile piece of equipment ready to go!”

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